selection criteria


The Collective Hustle aims to give makers an opportunity to showcase their work to a public audience who appreciates locally made and designed products. 

All applications will be considered and assessed according to our selection criteria below.

All applicants must read and agree to our TERMS AND CONDITIONS before submitting an application.

We do not accept party plan, direct selling of services or second-hand products.

stallholder selection criteria

  • Australian owned businesses only

  • Products to be handmade, locally made or independently designed in Australia.

  • High quality and creative work

  • Suitability

  • High level of presentation and aesthetics, alongside quality imagery.

As the events are curated, we take care not to oversaturate the market with similar products. Much care is taken to have a balance of products that best showcases the vision for the events.


Application outcomes are made by market organisers and all decisions are final.

Stallholders are only entitled to sell products that have been approved via your application.

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